AMO Art Chat with Linda Fisler August 31 2012

WWM Interview Revisit with Juliette Aristides

August 31, 2012 By: Linda Fislter

Join us as we interview Master Artist Juliette Aristides about her workshops and participation in Weekend With the Masters.  We’ll discuss the importance of drawing, understanding form, explore the world of Ateliers and the Classical genre.  We will also discuss the role of today’s artist in this technological and digital age. Juliette is instructing at Weekend With the Masters and is  an author of several books including “Lessons in Classical Drawing”.  Join us as Juliette helps us explore the world of Ateliers and Classical Realism.  To see more of Juliette’s work, visit her website, by clicking here.  To review and order Juliette’s books, click here.

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