Portrait and Partial Figure Painting – BACAA – August 2015

VASHON SKY - OIL ON LINEN - 24 x 18" - 2011
August 17 – 21 — Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier — San Carlos, CABuild your artistic vocabulary as you work sequentially to complete a painting. In a methodical, step by-step process, learn the methods of oil painting from the initial color sketch to the final glaze. Over the course days we will dive into painting related issues while exploring the artists most fascinating subject matter- the human portrait and figure. You will develop a preliminary drawing to ensure accuracy and likeness, create a monochromatic or color study to analyze shape, tone and composition, then transfer your drawing to canvas or panel before completing your painting in full color. Lectures and individual instruction aid your artistic progress.

This workshop provides you with the necessary tools to bolster your artistic confidence. Much of the personal growth of the artist comes from having the right tools for self-correction and problem solving. With that in mind throughout the class, you participate in discussion on materials, methods and techniques to equip you with every possible tool for your future artistic growth.
Beginners through advanced students are welcome. You are met at whatever your skill level. Limited spaces available.
To register and for information, please visit BACAA.